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We provide refrigerated transport even for goods that require special transportation climate, such as dairy, frozen goods, perishables products, etc. We take care that throughout the transport, an optimum temperature is maintained, to avoid damaging the product.

To fulfill every need regarding the capacity of the transported goods, we provide you vans with heights ranging from 2.6m to 2.75m, 13m length and 2.5 m width.

Our team is ready to face any situation and is at your disposal for any advice or queries and can recommend the best suitable transport for your business or your needs.

Routes are monitored with GPS systems which provide constant and fast information, so that the client knows every time the exact position of the transported goods.
For the special clients who have the tracking system, we can provide non-stop access to our monitoring system. The trucks are equipped with navigation devices, this way the drivers go straight to the arrival address without wasting time.

During a route, the customer’s merchandise is ensured by CMR insurances up to the value of 200.000 Euros.

When the merchandise you want to transport is part of the category considered perishable, Frigomex provides refrigerated transport service with controlled temperature. The trucks equipped with temperature controller have the ability to ensure a suitable environment for transport:



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